About PRO

Pro Performance Rx was founded by Dr. David Lynch, M.D., to bring to North Central West Virginia and Southwest Pennsylvania the area's most state-of-the-art sport and fitness facility. Experience the best that fitness has to offer at any of our four locations.

Pro Performance Rx provides the area with an elite staff of Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, and top level sports coaches. Pro Performance Rx is for everyone! Our programs are designed to meet the goals of any team or individual. The staff at Pro Rx have a variety of sport interests and expertise. The future of sports and fitness is now! Stop by or give us a call to "Perform Like A  Pro!"



Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. We at Pro Performance want you to BE MORE! Whether its weight loss, bulking, show prep, elite performance, strength and conditioning, athletics, power lifting, functional movement, or simply improving your quality of life, we have the most credentialed staff to get it done! Simply put...we value your success in a healthy lifestyle that's unique and works for you.


3 Locations -1 Price

Each in Morgantown, WV

Contact: info@properformancerx.com for more information